Carpet Maintenance

Regular vacuuming, prompt removal of spots and stains and a professional ‘deep clean’ every 12 – 18 months will help to retain the original appearance of the carpet for as long as possible and ensure that it has a positive effect on indoor air quality.

Carpet maintenance is easy and effective when done regularly.

Carpet purchase documentation generally includes information on caring for the carpet as part of the warranty statement.

Vacuum Cleaning

Only carpet can improve indoor air quality by trapping and holding dust particles that settle on the surface.

Studies have shown there is significantly less airborne dust in a carpeted room than a room with hard flooring. This is due to carpet’s unique ability to safely hold airborne dust and allergen within the surface pile.

Regular vacuuming using a good vacuum cleaner with a micro (HEPA) filter will remove dust and dirt from the carpet.

Once carpet is laid, it should be lightly and frequently vacuumed for the first week to remove dust, lint and fluff.

Vacuuming should continue at least weekly after that to remove soil and dirt. For heavy walking traffic areas e.g. hallways – slow repeated vacuum strokes over the same area of carpet may be necessary.

Spot Cleaning

Prompt and immediate attention to any spills is paramount to avoid staining of the carpet fibres. Liquids, particularly hot liquids, must be attended to immediately. If allowed to cool or dry, the stain may be impossible to remove. Care must be taken as haphazard attempts at spot removal can cause permanent stain setting, pile distortion and loss of colour.

For difficult stains seek expert assistance, contact a carpet maintenance professional.

Caution: Household chemicals not specifically recommended for use on carpet may cause spots and discolouration should they come into contact with carpet.

Professional Cleaning

It is advisable to have carpet professionally ‘deep cleaned’ every 12 – 18 months to retain the original appearance of the carpet for as long as possible.

Use experienced carpet cleaners and preferably a member of a recognized industry group.