Carpet Manufacturer and Supplier in Australia: Make Your Choice Easy with Chaparral Carpets

April 28, 2021

A quality carpet makes a plain floor transform to a welcoming and accommodating one. It quickly changes a space, relaxing the appearance of a room and limiting chaos to establish a comfortable ambiance. In any case, picking the best carpet for your home can be to some degree — a minefield. From heap types to colours – the choices are apparently unending. Here is why you should make your choice easy with Chaparral Carpets.

Chaparral Carpets is a reputable company that prides upon its high quality tufted carpets for the residential and contract markets. With their dedication to continue and uphold the quality of their products, they are deemed as market leaders in the Australian Flooring Industry. Chaparral Carpets product options include Far East for the best quality, Outback for a lasting beauty, Natural Choices for elegant texture and style, Kingston for softness and comfort, and Apartment for dependable style and practicality.

Far East for the Best Quality

This 100% New Zealand Wool makes this range the top of its class. This luxurious Plush Pile comes in a number of on trend fashion colours. It is rated extra heavy duty for residential purposes including stairs.

Outback for a Lasting Beauty

Outbacl is made from 100% New Zealand Wool and loop pile. When style, comfort and looks is important to your residence this traditional quality carpet is the one. Like Far East, it is also rated heavy duty for residential use.

Natural Choices for Elegant Texture and Style

When old meets new, natural choices is the most likely outcome. It is made from 100% Wool Loop Pile. A traditional Berber loop pile given a modern twist. Natural, heathered toned colour bank will suit both traditional and modern homes with class.

Kingston for Softness and Comfort

Kingston is made from solution dyed polyester. Its twist pile is not only practical but the super soft pile construction and high pile density makes this product extremely hard wearing. For those people with high household traffic and heavy use, this product is ideal. It is also easy to maintain and clean.

Apartment for Dependable Style and Practicality

Apartment is composed of hard wearing Solution Dyed Olefin. Its twist pile comes in a large range of fashionable colours. This soft feel fibre is perfect for the budget conscious consumer.

Chaparral Carpets is a reputable company that prides upon its high quality tufted carpets for the residential and contract markets. Not only do we value quality, we are also after our products’ beauty and aesthetic appeal. We are stocked with a wide range of modern colour pallets and product styles for both wool and synthetic fibres. Our varied product options, combined with our reputation for quality and durability, makes us a favourite throughout Australia by interior designers, home stylists, and retailers alike.


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