Coloured Carpets: How to Choose the Perfect Colour for Your Home?

November 7, 2022

If it’s time to add a new carpet to brighten up your home, go over our best advice for choosing a colour that will blend seamlessly with your current home decor while expressing your preferred style.

Understand How Colours Affect You

Colours have an impact on how we feel, act, and react to people and things in daily life. The colour of your carpet can also greatly influence how you feel when you enter a room. If you know how colours influence us, you can simply choose the right carpet colours that are best for your living room, kids’ room or any other room in your home. Colours can affect us in many ways depending on our unique situations and cultural upbringings. Because colours are frequently chosen for certain purposes, you should pay attention to how they make you feel when you enter a room. Knowing the fundamental psychology behind the meanings of colours makes setting the mood you want simple.

Consider the Light and Shadows in Your Room

How your room naturally casts shadows and light can significantly affect how your carpet’s colour is perceived. The amount of sunlight in your space will fluctuate throughout the day, changing how the colours look. The sun is lower on the horizon in the morning and casts a warm, yellowish glow. However, as the day wears on, sunlight takes on a cooler, bluish cast, and towards noon, colours may seem a little bit more washed out. The light will once more transition to a crimson hue by sunset. Look at the areas of your room where natural light enters and where any shadows may be cast because these factors may affect how certain colours appear.

Get an Idea of the Rooms’ Existing Colour Scheme

It’s crucial to consider the area as a whole and gain a sense of the colour scheme before making your carpet selection. What other colours are present in the room, the furniture, the artwork, the walls, the floor, the tiles, or the wood? You need to pick a carpet that complements your room’s colours and either blends in with them or serves as a focal point. Choosing the colour scheme for your space and the ideal carpet requires a thorough understanding of the colour wheel, primary, secondary, and highlight colours and how colours interact with one another.

Find Some Design Inspirations

Everywhere can serve as a source of design ideas, including your neighbourhood coffee shop, your favourite hotel, your best friend’s home, home goods store display areas, publications, Pinterest, and even the natural world. You’ll occasionally be amazed by what you can discover! You can find the perfect carpet colour for your house by looking for some inspiration.

Don’t Forget Your Preferences

Your home is a reflection of the distinct tastes that each person has. Your interior design should reflect your personality and sense of style, and you should choose a carpet that complements that aesthetic while being as distinctive and special as you are.

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