Keep Stubborn Pet Hair Out of Your Carpet with Chaparral Carpet Maintenance Guide

November 17, 2022

Having a pet is a big responsibility. Pets require affection, food, grooming, and exercise. Additionally, you must monitor their mental wellness. But when you receive that joyful welcome home after a long day at the office, all your efforts will have been worthwhile. However, one drawback is the amount of pet hair that appears to accumulate everywhere, especially on the carpet. Additionally, pets innocently bring in dust, filth, and bacteria from their walks, which they enjoy hiding in carpets.

With that being said, let’s look at some proven Chaparral carpet maintenance guides to keep pet hair off your carpets.

Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

You should vacuum more frequently if you have pets in your home. The dander and bacteria in pet hair on the carpet are driven deep into the fibres by heavy feet walking on it. Vacuuming daily or at least thrice a week is the most effective strategy to stop this.

You Can Try Rubber Squeegees

Not many people are aware, but rubber has a hair-magnet-like quality. Pet hair that has become firmly embedded in the carpet’s fibres can be removed with a squeegee. Rubber naturally has the ability to grip, which makes a squeegee considerably more effective than an adhesive. Simply stroking the carpet will collect the hair into one location, making it simple to vacuum up. The best thing about using a rubber squeegee is how gentle it is on fabrics, how little damage it causes to the carpet, and how little residue it leaves behind. Even though it might take some work, it will all be worthwhile in the end. Use a rubber squeegee for carpets that has a long, broomstick-style handle. A rubber broom can be used as a squeegee substitute.

Use Wet Rubber Gloves to Scuff up the Carpet

Rubber gloves are a practical tool for removing pet hair from the carpet. Make sure you purchase thicker gloves rather than tiny latex ones. The heavier gloves’ tiny bumps will provide greater surface area, increasing the ease with which you can remove the hair. These gloves make reaching corners, difficult-to-reach spots, and difficult-to-sweep or-vacuum areas very simple. Squeegee and these gloves are comparable. The process is the same in this case; you must sweep the carpet to collect pet hair into clumps, which you then vacuum up.

You Can Also Use Carpet Rakes

Carpet rakes are widely used and have been for a while. The thin plastic or metal bristles of a carpet rake or rug cut through the carpet fibres at the root. The method is the same; you must drag the rake over the carpet to collect pet hair in the bristles, which you can then remove. If you want to guarantee the most thorough clean possible, use this.

These are some of the most effective techniques for removing pet hair from the carpet. If these methods don’t satisfy you, you can speak with a carpet specialist like Chaparral Carpets. We offer carpet maintenance for deeper cleaning.

We are experienced in cleaning the carpets and making them dirt free. We have the latest equipment and techniques which are eco-friendly and affordable. Contact us at (03) 9786 3000 and let us handle your carpet maintenance needs.

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