The 3 Carpet Maintenance Services and Their Benefits by Chaparral Carpets

July 27, 2022

Long years of usage without regular cleaning can make your carpet appear untidy in the long run and becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which can pose a great health risk to your family. If dirt and grime are becoming more noticeable, it is time to consider regular carpet maintenance. If you are thinking about which carpet maintenance service to undertake, here are the 3 carpet maintenance services and their benefits by Chaparral Carpets.

Professional Cleaning

You know that you need an immediate professional cleaning when you start to notice mould and pest infestation in your carpet. These moulds and pests will often thrive in dirty unmaintained carpets. To prevent this problem from happening to your carpet, have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly to avoid unmanageable mould growth and pest infestation. Chaparral Carpets recommends professionally cleaning your carpet every 12-18 months to prolong the original carpet appearance. A notable benefit of professional carpet cleaning is it helps to effectively maintain the cleanliness of your home and helps provide good indoor air quality for your home. You need to make regular carpet maintenance a habit to avoid pollutants. Deciding to have a deep carpet cleaning cleaner done by professionals can greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home, giving it a cleaner environment without the allergen just lurking around waiting for your family members to inhale them.

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning means treating only the part of your carpet that has a stain on it. However, different stains require different cleaning products. And to prevent further damage to the carpet you need to also consider the fabric since not all cleaning products will work with all types of fabrics. Spot cleaning most likely requires a professional carpet cleaner because it can often permanently leave a mark on your carpet. For spot cleaning hard-to-clean stains, at Chaparral Carpets, our carpet maintenance professional can effectively perform spot cleaning to give you a spotless carpet once again.

Vacuum Cleaning

Performing a vacuum cleaning can greatly improve your indoor air quality. We all know that there are small particles trapped in the air that affects the indoor air quality of your home thus, using a vacuum to clean your carpet is the best choice for you to effectively suck up not only the dirt visible but also those that penetrated deep into your carpet, giving you living space with cleaner air. A vacuum cleaner is an effective tool to help reduce allergy attacks and other respiratory illnesses in your living space. Nothing beats going home to a clean home after a long day at work or after days of travelling away from your home. To experience this wonderful feeling of going home to a clean home, we recommend performing a vacuum cleaning to remove the dirt and dust on your carpet. So, to eliminate daily mould and bacteria build-up, you should use a vacuum cleaner in cleaning your carpet and give it a cleaner and tidier look.

For all your carpeting needs, and for more information regarding proper carpet care and maintenance, contact us at Chaparral Carpets. We will be happy to assist you!

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