Understanding Loop Pile or Berber Carpets

March 29, 2022

Busy, busy, busy! That’s the way of things in most homes or offices. People come and go and this foot traffic could damage your floors or carpets. A solution may be to choose Berber carpet. This is a woven carpet option that is more durable than other carpet options. Even so, you should carefully choose the carpet that goes in the most used rooms and the loop pile carpet can be the ideal choice in these high traffic areas.

What Is The Difference between Berber and Loop Pile Carpets?

Berber is another term to identify loop carpets known for their textured appearance and resilience. At one time, Berber was known as a neutral but flecked type of carpet. Now the Berber style can be as diverse as the traditional Moroccan rug.
The Berber loop is tightly woven in a loop style which can be knotted in different styles to create different styles and textures. These loops can be evenly sized or layered to create different textures.

What Materials Are in A Loop Pile Carpet

Loop carpets come in manufactured and natural fibres, and some styles use both. Synthetic materials are stronger, but blends offer more grace.

When pure wool is used in the loop, it makes for a softer carpet, and there is a great variety of natural texture and colour. This style has a large spectrum of natural colours.
Regardless of the fibres you use, loop pile carpets offer excellent performance in all areas, especially if it is a low pile carpet. Berber carpets go well for stairs, hallways, and high traffic areas.

Advantages and Disadvantages

While durability may be the primary benefit to loop carpet, it is not the only one. We must not forget that there are also a few disadvantages so you must analyse whether this is the carpet you need.


Stain-resistant – loop carpeting is better at resisting liquid stains than any other type.
Bounce back – the pile has bounced back and does not show marks from vacuuming or feet.
Low cost – this carpeting costs less than other types of carpeting
Durable – it is ideal in areas of high traffic.


Not as soft – this type of carpeting is not as soft as cut pile carpets.
Lacks scratch-resistance – If you have pets, loop carpeting can become susceptible to scratching.

Regardless of the disadvantages, Berber carpet may be your best option when you need a carpet that is easy to clean and maintain. Use it throughout the home or only in areas that are of high traffic. Choose from many different styles and looks to go with your other designs.

If you still wonder whether this is the option for you, contact one of our experts who can consult with you and help you find the answers to your questions.

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